TickerTank offers three levels of service:

  • Options Trading Alerts: When our pros spot a trade opportunity, they will analyze multiple Options strategies and choose the most logical one. You’ll receive an instant email alert with exact entry instructions. You’ll also get an on-demand video of the trade being presented. Updates are sent throughout the holding period to keep you in touch with what our experts are thinking. When it’s time to exit, an instant email will alert you with detailed instructions. Five different options styles are covered with this package, the most commonly traded being Vertical Spreads and Iron Condors.
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  • Swing Trading Alerts:  Every time our traders spot a great swing trading opportunity they share it with members via an instant email alert with specific entry instructions. You will also receive a link to watch the trade analyzed by our expert, viewable on demand. Exact modification (if any) & exit signals (real-time via email) are also included with each trade.
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  • One-on-one Coaching: Our founder, Nick Fenton, wants to offer private access to him via one-on-one Skype coaching sessions. You share your screen and he walks you through his strict criteria for each and every Options strategy he utilizes. This service is month to month. You may only need his guidance for one month, or maybe three. It's completely up to you. Cancel once you feel you have accomplished what you came to do. Learn more about TickerTank Ultimate.


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