List of Financial Market Terms

A LEAP into the future.
Arms Index (TRIN)
Ascending Channel
Ascending Triangle Pattern
Back Stop
Back To Basics: Trend Classifications
Bagel Land
Bear Flag Pattern
Bear Pennant Pattern
Bear Trap in Stocks
Bearish Gap
Bearish Market Sentiment
Bollinger Band
Breakaway Gap
Broadening Pattern
Build Your Positions
Bull Flag Pattern
Bull Pennant Pattern
Bull Trap
Bullish Gap
Bullish Market Sentiment
Butterfly Options Spread
Calendar Spread
Call Option
Closing Tick
Consolidation Breakout
Cup with Handle Chart Pattern
Dead Cat Bounce
Delta Option
Descending Channel
Descending Triangle Pattern
Double Bottom Pattern
Double Diagonal
Double Top Pattern
Dow Theory Defined
Downtrend in Stocks
Elliot Wave Theory
Exchange Traded Fund (ETF)
Exhaustion Gap
Exponential Moving Average
Extrinsic Value
Fibonacci Retracement
Fundamental Analysis
Gamma Option
Gap Fill
Geometric vs. Functional Indicators
Head and Shoulders Pattern
Importance of Volume
Intrinsic Value
Inverse Head and Shoulders Pattern
Iron Condor
Island Reversal
Jekyll & Hyde
Mad Hatter
Market Breadth
Market Indicator
Max Pain Options Trading Strategy
Minor (Short Term) Trends
Momentum in Stocks
Moving Average
Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD)
Neutral Market Sentiment
Option Assignment
Paper Trading vs. Study Trading
Parabolic Indicator (SAR)
Penny Stock
Percent Price Oscillator
Primary Trends
Protective Stop
Put Option
Relative Strength & Weakness
Relative Strength Index (RSI)
Rho Option
Rounding Bottom Pattern
Rounding Top Pattern
Runaway Gap
Secondary Trend
Shorting A Stock
Simple Moving Average
Stock Resistance Level
Stock Support Level
Stock Target
Stock Trend Line
Stop Order
Straddle Option Spread
Strangle Option Spread
Symmetrical Triangle
Synthetic Collar Trades
Technical Analysis
TED Spread
The Greeks
Theta Option
Trade Risk
Trailing Stop
Trend Channels
Triple Bottom Pattern
Triple Top Pattern
Uptick In Stocks
Uptrend in Stocks
Vega Option
Vertical Spread
VIX Definion
VIX option
Volatility in Financial Markets
VXD - Dow Jones Volatility Index
VXN - Nasdaq 100 Volatility Index
Wedge Stock Pattern
What are Options?

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