Founded by Nick Fenton in 2010, TickerTank has been feeding the minds and trade-books Ideas for trading stocks in the stock marketof traders around the world. With education as its main goal and profits as a close second, TickerTank provides the following advantages to subscribers:

One-on-One Phone Calls: Members have said time and time again that they find major value in phone calls with our expert Trader's.  Have questions about the specifics of an Iron Condor and/or any other Options spread? Schedule a call and we'll fill you in.  Want some real time analysis on a trade you are considering and/or an opinion on an existing position? Schedule a call, we'll take a look and tell you what we would do.  Anything trade or market related is fair game, and as a TickerTank Premier Member you get two 30-minute private Q&A phone sessions per month!

Comprehensive trading systems: Our primary focus is Options Trading.  No matter what the market environment is throwing at us, we have a strategy to compliment it.  Our members have experienced very successful Options trading from our founder and seasoned Trader, Nick Fenton.  TickerTank trade alerts can be used for educational purposes, as ideas that you can bend & mold to better fit your trading style, or as ideas that you follow to a T.  What you do with the information is up to you, our job is simply to bring you the best and most valuable & actionable trade ideas we possibly can...and we deliver!


Unparallelled member support: We understand that without our members, TickerTank does not exist. You are our most important asset and we treat you that way. You will always be able to reach us during market hours with questions or for help. We’ll even reply to after hours requests in a timely manner. We are committed to YOU.

Commitment to education: Sueducation scholar cap iconre profits are king, but if you don’t know HOW to achieve profits, you are stuck. Education is our main goal because education leads to profits. Whatever you know, we’ll enhance it. Whatever you don’t, we’ll teach it. If there is one thing we’re certain of it is this: You WILL know far more about trading Options for profit after becoming a TickerTank member than you do right now. 100%.

Commitment to profits: Again, education is the vehicle for profits. You trade to make money and we are here to help. You will learn how to tweak your current strategies and you will learn new ways of making money. You’ll learn how to make your losers smaller and less frequent and your winners more common.

Common Sense policies: TickerTank calls Louisville, KY its home. In the Midwest we treat people right and do the right thing. We will NEVER endorse a product unless it’s good enough for us to use. We will NEVER share your private information with anyone unless we’re legally bound to. We won’t spam you. We’re good people and we’ll treat you right.

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