If you don’t know it now, you will soon learn: You will have losing trades. Avoiding losing trades is impossible. What will separate you from the rest of the pack is simple: You will have risk management.

You will understand that trades will go against you and you will be prepared. Here are a few key points we take extremely seriously at TickerTank:

  • Reduce the risk on every trade, every day, every time.

  • Use a specific stop-loss on every trade.

  • Be picky when entering. Use support/resistance levels to reduce risk exposure.

  • Use options to make smart bets with predefined maximum losses and profit targets.

  • Use smart allocation techniques by offering a variety of membership options.

  • Understand which order types may be best for your stop: Stop, Stop Limit, Trailing Stop, Trailing Stop Limit, OCO

  • Set alerts at key levels to re-evaluate trades

Following these simply steps will change your world. Your losers will be smaller than your winners. You will feel little to no pressure on each trade. You will be able to sleep easy at night and you will avoid big losers—the #1 reason amateur traders fail.

The best part is you’ll be connected to a trading professional who is eager to answer your specific questions. At first risk management will seem foreign to you, but after a while in our trading room, it will be second nature. You will be a better trader.

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