Options may be the most versatile trading vehicle there is. Those new to trading quickly learn about the explosive profit potential of options while seasoned veterans know how to use options as a conservative trading style.

Because options can be used so many different ways, education is king. At TickerTank, we make sure you understand why we chose this particular option spread for this particular trade.

Our Options System uses trades from each of these styles:

  • Directional Calls / Puts: Used as an aggressive method tooption trading profits make money, calls and puts are highly leveraged ways to profit from a big move, preferably in a low implied volatility environment.

  • Naked Calls / Puts: Although risky, these are great for scooping up time premium if a stock doesn’t move as much as the market believes it will. We tend to favor this strategy in a high implied volatility environment, but will entertain using Naked Options at all times

  • Vertical Spreads: Using defined risk and known max profit, these trades are easy to estimate percentage of success. They can be used for sideways or directional movement.

  • Iron Condors: Two verticals make an Iron Condor. They are used to profit from sideways moves or less than expected moves. Very applicable during earnings season. Best when sold to open as a range bound trading strategy, and preferred in high implied volatility environments in order to achieve wide ranges.

  • Butterflies: Similar to Iron Condors, these spreads take advantage of time premium and make more money the closer to the strike they close. Very useful for max pain plays. We tend to buy to open these spread, and look for low risk high reward.

  • Straddles / Strangles: Tradable both long and short, these are used to take advantage of expected big moves in the underlying stock. We focus on selling to open when volatility is medium to high, and buying to open when volatility is very low.

Keep in mind we entertain all Options strategies, but the methods noted above are the primary strategies we utilize.  Reason being, over the years we have been most profitable using these strategies. 

Our Options systems all use one or more of these key attributes when selected a trade to enter:

  • Limited (defined) Risk and minimal effect on buying power in your account

  • A statistical probability of profit greater than 50% based on volatility indicators

  • A maximum profit that makes sense in relation to the probability of success in the trade

  • Ability to profit from stocks that move sideways over a defined period of time

How Detailed is the Video Analysis I receive with each email Alert?

Let the demo do the talking! Watch this quick SPY Iron Condor demo video to see how the detailed video analysis is presented to members.


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