Have you been thinking about getting serious about a trading strategy?

Trading the stock market for income is a dream for most. It is challenging, exciting, fun, rewarding but can be dangerous as well. The most important decision you can make is fast-approaching:new_to_trading_1

How will you learn to trade profitably?

95% of traders who go it alone fail. Just the fact that you’re on this site and looking for help gives you a leg up. At TickerTank, we know that education is your #1 ally in stock trading. Here is a quick preview of just the beginnings of your education at TickerTank:

How trading works: You will learn the ins and outs of what a stock is, why it fluctuates in price and most importantly, how to predict the most likely next move in the markets.

Risk Management: Probably the most overlooked aspect to trading, risk management guarantees you don’t blow up your account. The most common mistakes traders make is letting a bad trade turn into a horrible trade, and a horrible trade turning into an account ending trade. By understanding that not every trade can be a winner, accepting that and managing the downside, you ensure yourself endless opportunities to see that next big winner. Our risk management tactics are practical and sound.

Maximizing profits: Once you’ve mastered risk management, you give yourself opportunity for big big winners. We’ll teach you how to not only set yourself up to grab winners, but how to turn a good trade into a one that makes your year.

Don’t just buy stocks: Most new traders stay away from short selling. We’ll teach you why that’s a mistake and how you can profit when stocks fall. We will also show you how you can make money when stocks go sideways and how to use options to hedge your positions and take carefully calculated risks with high reward potential.

Tips and Terms: Don’t forget to check out our tips and terms page. You will find a wealth of information that will jumpstart your trading career.new_to_trading_2

Become an expert by watching experts:

“What is the best way to learn to trade stocks and options for profit?”

It’s a question we get asked ten times a day, and the answer is always the same: The best way to learn stock and options trading is to actually trade stocks and options with the guidance of a trading expert AS YOU DO IT. That is the driving philosophy behind each of our advanced trading systems. Whether you are Swing Trading, Day Trading or Options Trading, you can always be in full communication with a trading expert in real-time.

Your membership with us will give you access to a trading expert who will not only share great trades as they come along, but be happy to answer your questions as they arise. All this will happen in real-time in our state of the art trading room. Discover new trades, get help on entry and exit orders and have your questions answered, all by a pro. That is TickerTank.

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