List of Financial Market Terms

VXN is the volatility index on the CBOE with ticker symbol "VXN". It measures implied volatility for Nasdaq 100.

The VXN measures fear and uncertainty associated with the Nasdaq 100. If the VXN reading is low (0-20), it indicates that individuals are comfortable and fear levels are low.  A high VXN reading (above 20) indicates fear and uncertainty in the market place, which results in a more volatile market environment.

Here's a look at the 2 day 2 minute chart of the VXD. This shows you just how much action can occur in a days time.

VXN nasdaq 100 volatility index

Related terms: VIX, VXD, Volatility, VIX Option

p.s. - VXN is commonly used in stock trading, day trading, options trading, and futures trading,

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