Is it possible to succeed in the stock market without being glued to your computer?

Yes, in fact many of our clients enjoy successful trading with only a few minutes each day logged into their trading accounts. Some even do it all by phone.

How is that possible?

With Day Trading, it is not possible. However, with Swing Trading and Options Trading it isn’t that difficult. The time horizons for our Swing and Options trading systems allow clientstime_requirements1 who ‘have a real job’ the ability to get trade alerts and updates via email, then place the trade when they have time that day. Because our alerts don’t require instant attention, you can successfully follow them without much time at all.

What do you recommend I do?

Keep an eye on your email. When you receive an alert from TickerTank, check it out. If it looks like a trade you’d like to do, (or is an update on a trade you’re in) take a few minutes over the next hour or so to either call your broker and place the trade, or log in on a computer or over your phone. That’s it. You don’t need to worry about how the trade is going after that. Our experts will watch it and keep you updated.

Remember, both our Swing and Options systems can be used with very little time investment each day. View our membership page for pricing information.

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