Nick Fenton genuine approach to learning different option strategies has vastly improved my trading success. I like his youtube tutorials as he breaks down each leg of the trade backed up by his technical analysis support/resistance it all comes together. I have made several of his trade alerts which have more than paid for his subscription. I also enjoy his 30 minute phone calls where you can bounce trade ideas of him and he will walk you through them.

Thanks Nick look forward to a long relationship.

-Michael Hamburger
Fire Captain City of St Paul Minnesota


Thanks for your perspective and insight. I really value your input and focus - it's been profitable ;-)

-Wayne N.


Hi Nick,

I want to encourage you to keep up with the coaching sessions. They are extremely helpful and are speeding up the learning curve for me. You've been able to answer all of my questions, and you always take the time to make sure that I understand the concepts we're discussing. Your methods have a clarity that is rare in the trading education space.

-Tim W.


I have been very pleased with the informational videos and the way each trade alert is presented.  I am learning a lot about options and using TOS trading platform.  The ability to get phone support about trades or questions in such a short time is a major plus for an amateur like me.  Plus the monthly fee is very reasonable compared to many other sites.  Great service!     

-Chris A.


Even though I've only known Nick for a couple of months, I can honestly say that he is the most knowlegeable person I've ever known when it comes to trading. He is always willing to answer any questions and help you any way he can. If you're considering a trade, run it by him. He'll pull up a chart and give you his honest opinion on whether it's a good trade or not. I would highly recommend TickerTank not only for good trade set ups, but also for the knowledge you will gain.

-Guy P.


I wasn't sure what to expect when I joined tickerTV, but I liked what I saw and felt comfortable with Nick after a few days as a trial member.  So, I decided to give it a shot, and I couldn't be happier.  I feel that this service is very useful and effective.  Nick’s daily market review and market trend analysis are helpful tools that get me ready for the upcoming market activities.  His ability to analyze potential trades and chart patterns has helped me enter winning trades and has kept me out of potential losing trades.  This is an excellent site to exchange, discuss, and analyze trade ideas and trading strategies.  I would recommend this site and service to all traders, regardless of their trading experience.

-Dave D.


The past fourteen weeks under the leadership of Nick Fenton has been very informative and helpful.  Nick has always been willing to share his expertise and knowledge with me and I truly appreciated the assistance.  All the charts and "Analysis Tutorials" were clearly done and understandable.  I would absolutely recommend this service to anyone wishing to begin on a financial journey or as I was doing, to continue learning in all phases of stock trading.

Furthermore, I certainly have learned a great deal and found your series to be very informative and helpful. Thank you for being so instrumental in my continued search of learning.  I wish you continued success in all your endeavors.

Thank you again for all your help and time.



After 2 years of searching websites and watching countless Webinars, I subscribed to TickerTank. I didn’t expect much like all the other websites I had been on in the past.  I was on the verge of giving up, but this time was different. I got training videos and I was able to attend live online trading sessions, I could not believe it. Nick Fenton is truly a teachers teacher who made a difference in the way training is supposed to be. TickerTank not only inspired me and equipped me with videos, they made a powerful impact on me and I will recommend them to anybody who wants to get involved in trading.

-Rodica C.


TickerTank provides a very useful service. Very informative and worth your time to investigate them. They teach, trade and help others. Highly recommended.



I think your coaching service is great! The coaching videos are very informative. I have found it very beneficial to see how a professional Trader prepares to start a trading day and then executes his trades. It's a learning experience that you will not get from a book. Day Traders, Swing Traders and Options Traders can benefit from this service.

Fred R.


I'm a little embarrassed to tell my story, but I owe Nick a big thank you. I've been doing covered calls for years, but just recently started trying to learn how to do some of the more sophisticated options trades. When I saw Nick had made a Verticle bear call spread on QCOM I was intrigued, because I'm still trying to figure out how to do those. I figured I'd copy his trade and see if I could learn from it in my Paper account. Normally I only trade one contract at a time, so when I saw he was doing 10 contracts I thought it was ok since I'm just doing the paper trade. I placed the trade, only do discover later that I had made it in my real trading account. I panicked and closed my position the next day making a $210 profit and feeling relieved that I was ahead. I've been watching the trade through expiration this last weekend and am kicking myself for not staying in and missing out on another $450 in profits. (I got in later than Nick did-that's why only $660 potential profit for me) Any way - Thank you Nick for sharing your expertise here. It is awesome to be able to learn from a successful example. I still don't really know how you figured out the stock was heading south. Good job though! You are a genius in my book. Thanks!


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